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Bella and Dash – The Forest (Paperback Book)


The book, Bella and Dash – The Forest, was released in 2018 by author Cheryl Miles. It is a fast paced young adult/adult fiction novel that straddles the line between reality and fantasy. It takes Bella from carefree dreamer to animal activist, and photographer.

Bella has spend her childhood dreaming of distant lands, spurred on by spending Sunday afternoons at her grandmother’s , poring over photos of her world travels. When her grandmother suddenly passes away, she is forced to find her own adventures with a neighbourhood Siamese named Dash, who shares her passion for adventure. Embarking on secret twilight excursions into the forest that borders her West Coast home, they find an abandoned victorian mansion, home to a bengal tiger. Though terrified Bella follows Dash deeper into the forest. It is the beginning of a series of events that will change Bella’s life forever. When her life is threatened she is forced to share her secret with a stranger who will play a key role in a future she had only dreamed about.

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